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Consulting Reviews

As a prominent CBRN/WMD and Emergency Management subject matter expert/consultant, I know what it means to provide exceptional service and deliver outstanding results. At Helotes Consulting, LLC, I enjoy helping my clients understand the threats, risks, and hazards that they face and enabling decisions to successfully address them. See what my satisfied clients have to say about the work I’ve done.

Alicia Smith, Systems Planning and Analysis

Dates of Performance: Feb 15, 2023 to July 2, 2023


The Systems Planning and Analysis (SPA) Science and Technology Emergence Panel (STEP): 

The STEP program is a unique capability in the DTRA RD offered by Team SPA that complements the DTRA RD efforts by conducting “horizon scanning” through S&T Assessments, S&T Research and Analysis, discovery of cutting-edge technologies, and identifying technologies to meet requirements and emerging requirements through tailored action teams of key Subject Matter Experts from SPA, industry, academia, and government.


Mr. Hubbard’s Accomplishments Include:

·     Assembling teams of technical experts to address capability needs;

·     Planning and conducting meetings to address the tasking;

·     Supporting the formulation of project requirements and follow-on research;

·     Assessment and analysis of emerging technologies to meet requirements;

·     Coordinating a team of diverse experts from industry and academia to respond to a short notice requirement in a timely manner (on time/on budget);

·      Creating innovative solutions to challenges and roadblocks - accomplished large data transfer across IT systems that others were unable to do;

·      Conducting Quality Assurance and Quality Control reviews of other teams’ final deliverables;

·      Providing briefings and supporting materials for presentations.


Summary:  Mr. Harvey Hubbard with his unique Subject Matter Expertise, provides the STEP projects advice and assistance on cutting edge technologies and capabilities.  His knowledge of the Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) community allows him to flawlessly execute coordination throughout industry and academia in ways unavailable to others.  He keenly discerned the difference between proposed capabilities to DTRA RD that are unsustainable from those which hold promise at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels.  His distinctive perspectives and experience provides an analysis capability not available through any other means.  He is an exceptional team/project leader as well as a talented team member.  He is extremely thorough in his analytical approaches and his critical thinking skills are superb.  His contributions have enhanced the program and exceeded client expectations.

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